Project Ideas for the Christmas Holiday

Project Ideas for the Christmas Holiday

Kids and adults alike love snow globes. So when you are looking for project ideas to do for Christmas, making a snow globe can be the way to go. Create a fun memory by taking the time to do one with the kids.

You will need a glass jar with a lid that fits very tightly. Jars can be anything from a baby food jar to a pickle jar or larger, and can usually be found at home. You will also need a small jar lid that you will be able to fit inside of the actual jar you are using as a globe. Next, shop at your local craft store for glycerin, glitter, silicone sealant, craft glue, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Buy Christmas decorations, coiled rope, or ribbon, and an ornament. The ornament will go inside the jar, so be sure it fits. Finally, have distilled water on hand.

Put the plastic lid right into the mouth of the jar and position it in the middle, to be sure it fits right. Then, glue your chosen ornament to this lid using the silicone sealant, and use this to also glue the lid plus ornament to the middle of the inside of the jar. Make sure that this dries completely-read the sealant's instructions for a time period. When it is dry you can add the distilled water and glitter. Fill it to almost the top, leaving room to be able to shake the globe. Add your glitter slowly, so you don't add too much. A couple of drops of the glycerin will help keep the "snow" falling slowly. Screw the lid on as tightly as possible.

Use the acrylic paints, rope, and ribbons to decorate the base of the globe. You can paint on decorations to the jar if you wish, or leave it plain.

This project idea is a fun one because the possibilities are endless. You can choose so many different ornaments, as well as silver, gold, or rainbow glitter, and can decorate however you want. It's fun, inexpensive, and a project that everyone in your family can enjoy.