Project Ideas for a Rainy Day

While many people enjoy taking it easy on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the time can be oppressive for children and others who would rather be outside. Fortunately, you can pull out one of these rainy day project ideas and help pass some time until the sun is out again.

Project ideas that allow children to use their hands as well as their imaginations can often provide a great diversion. One idea is to pull out the crayons and unroll a five or six foot length of butcher paper. Challenge the kids to create their own rainy day town.

They can include a park, houses, stores and any other landmark that comes to mind. Several kids can create images at various points along the paper, gradually connecting the different sections. With a little guidance, the adults in the house can motivate the kids to spend at least a couple of hours with this project.

Children are not the only ones who sometimes scoff at staying indoors during rainy weather. When television and reading don't create a distraction, there is always the idea of using the time to complete a small project that no one ever seems to get around to doing.

In order to take some of the drudgery out of the project, make a game of it. For example, if the project idea is to organize the hall closet, try to recall some pleasant memory associated with every item you pull out. The potential for generating a few laughs while getting a necessary task out of the way is excellent.

One final approach is to use the time to develop a plan that can be implemented later. This project plan within a project plan holds everyone's attention and has the added bonus of leading to another family activity later.

The project plan does not have to be elaborate. Perhaps an elderly neighbor down the street could use a visit or needs some yard work done. Various family members can identify the needs and help structure a project to spend a Saturday afternoon meeting all those needs. With everyone participating, the rain will be forgotten as the time passes by very quickly.