Fun Photo Project Ideas for Kids

A photo album is a great project idea for kids. Instruct the kids to select a theme, such as family members, friends, pets, or plant life. Ask them to take pictures in different light, with and without the flash, and to use both wide angle and zoom, and otherwise experiment with different camera settings.

Using a graphics design program, work with the children to enhance, crop, and clean the photos. Then as they place the pictures in a photo album, encourage them to be creative, maybe by cutting the pictures into various shapes and sizes or placing the photos at different angles. This project idea will help with a child's photography, computer/graphics design, and craft skills.

Another photo project idea is to invite kids to create a family pictorial tree. Kids can take pictures of family members from Aunt Edna to Cousin Jenny, and then add in old photos of generations past. If the photos need sprucing up, work with the kids to scan them into the computer and touch up the photos with a graphics design program.

The pictures can be placed in a scrapbook or photo album with the appropriate names. A more challenging option is to construct a tree on a wall or poster board and attach the photos on branches of the tree. Kids will learn about their family history and again enhance their photography, computer/graphics design, and craft skills.

A collage is another project idea to develop a kid's photography and craft skills. Allow your child to take pictures at birthday parties, family gatherings, or vacations, or pick a theme such as friends or pets. Place a large poster board on the wall or hang it in a frame. Allow your child's imagination to run wild as they attach the photos on the poster board.

Puzzles, calendars, and photo scavenger hunts are other photo project ideas that will expand a child's knowledge of photography, computers, graphics design, and crafts.