Fun Project Ideas for Toddlers

Fun Project Ideas for Toddlers

There are many fun project ideas that you and your toddler can do together. Spend some time bonding with your little one by doing these cute projects.

Make a fish bowl. All you need is 2 paper bowls, markers, see-through blue paper, and of course, yellow fish crackers. Cut the middle out of one of the paper bowls, and cover it completely (the hole) with the blue paper for the water. Glue the crackers to the inside of the second bowl, and decorate the inside of the first bowl with markers. Staple both insides of the two bowls together and you have a cute fish tank.

To make your own tambourine, take 2 paper plates. Using either small beans or any type of rice, put them inside the plates and then staple together. You will want to staple the plates together so they form a hole in the middle for the beans or rice. Your little music maker can then decorate the outside with paint, markers and/or stickers for their own little tambourine. Make sure everything on the outside is dry before your child starts shaking to the beat.

A really fun craft for kids is to make their own play cell phone, as every kid usually fights to get the real one. To start gather two small raisin boxes, and cover them completely with black construction paper. Now tape the ends together, only on one side, so that you have created a hinge like a real cell phone has. Now, help your child by gluing on numbers or using stickers to create the cell phone keypad.

These fun project ideas will be a real hit for you and your child, and are fun to do on a rainy day.