Brainstorming Project Ideas for a Housewarming

When people purchase a new home, it is common for friends and other loved one to throw a housewarming party for the new homeowner. The success of the housewarming has a lot to do with how carefully plans for the project are developed. If you are faced with the task of putting together a housewarming, here are a few ideas that will help you create project ideas that lead to a good time for everyone involved.

One of your first tasks is to field suggestions for project ideas offered by well meaning friends and relatives. Ask yourself if the idea is feasible, based on the amount of floor space or other factors that may affect the execution of the suggestion.

Keep in mind that while a garden party may be an ideal housewarming project plan if there is a sizable back yard, it is less likely to be effective if the new home comes with a ten-foot square area of grass just outside the kitchen door. Allow the available space for the event to help you weed out some of the more inappropriate options.

After discarding project plan ideas that don't fit the space, consider the likes and dislikes of the new owner. For people who are not into huge parties with many people, an all-out bash with a hundred people is probably not the best approach, even if there is available space.

In this instance, keep the guest list relatively small and intimate. Make it a point to let everyone know the housewarming will only last for an hour or two. Keep the refreshments light so that no one has the idea of turning the event into an all-nighter.

As part of the project ideas, don't forget to let people know if there is anything in particular the new homeowner might need in the way of small appliances or other simple touches. If the homeowner moved from a one-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom home with a den and sunroom, there is a good chance he or she could use quite a few things. Identify some of those items and spread the word among the guests. This approach will work much better than the homeowner receiving half a dozen toasters or several copies of the same wall print.

Remember that the whole idea of a housewarming is to celebrate this milestone in the life of a loved one. Develop project ideas for the housewarming that will work toward this goal. By going with ideas that take into consideration the needs of the homeowner, the space available for the celebration, and the preferences of the homeowner, you stand an excellent chance of making the housewarming a resounding success.