Fun Project Ideas for Halloween

Fun Project Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to find project ideas to decorate your home with. Enjoying different crafts with your spouse or kids will make this holiday even more spook-tacular.

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Buy mini pumpkins, usually in your local supermarket, which you can then hollow out to make into votive candle holders. These are very cute, inexpensive, and very original. Small gourds can also be used, although these may be harder to hollow out. You can also take the time to carve the pumpkins, making them very unique.

Halloween Centerpiece

This project uses items found outside, so it's not only cute, but cheap. Fill a clear bowl or vase with dried leaves and flowers and small branches. Use a black ribbon to tie around the base, and you have a festive centerpiece. For color, add orange chenille stems, which can be found in craft sections.

Wine Glass Candle Holder

Tie an orange and a black ribbon to the stem of a wine glass, and then turn the glass upside down so that the ribbon hangs down. Glue strands of cut ribbon underneath where the ribbon has been tied, so that more colorful ribbon hangs down. Then, glue a few artificial fall-colored leaves to the underneath of the wine glass (which is the top.) Glue a small plastic pumpkin on to the top of the leaves, and put a small tea light in the pumpkin. You have made a cute candle holder.

Mummy Jar

For this fun project idea, take an empty jar and hot glue wiggle eyes to it, about a quarter of the way down from the top. Using plastic wrap, cut into strips about one inch by four inches, and then dip into water. Apply the strips around the jar, using your finger tips to smooth it out. Apply enough strips to completely cover the jar, only leaving the eyes to shine through. Use black electrical tape to cover the lid of the jar, and you have a mummy.