What Exactly are Project Ideas?

When people hear about brainstorming project ideas, they are sometimes intimidated. The idea of a project seems to be something that is very involved and has to be focus on the implementation of an idea that is of great importance. While that is true in some cases, the fact is that everyone engages in the practice of creating and implementing project ideas every day.

Essentially, a project idea is nothing more than a concept of how to go about reaching a goal. For example, most people have a goal of eating dinner at the end of the day. With that goal in mind, ways or ideas on how to achieve that goal begin to develop.

The project ideas may include such possible actions as picking up fast food on the way home, running by the supermarket and selecting something to cook at home, or choosing to go to a nice restaurant for a leisurely dinner. Each of these options is nothing more than a project idea that leads to the achievement of a goal.

The mechanics of qualifying a project idea are essentially the same in any situation. First, the ultimate goal is identified. Next, potential ideas or projects that aid in reaching the goal are considered. Last, each project idea is evaluated and either considered a viable alternative or rejected. What is left is a list of project ideas that can be developed into specific plans of action and qualified with a series of steps that move closer to the goal with each completed action.

It does not matter whether the project idea has to do with accomplishing a goal around the house, in the community, or in the workplace. In all instances, there is the identification of a desired outcome followed by the generation of project ideas as possible ways to achieve that outcome. You could say that the project idea is the first step of the journey after determining the destination. All that follows is based on the quality and relevance of that project idea.

Never allow yourself to be intimidated when someone asks you to come up with project ideas. After all, you are an old hand at this sort of thing. Identify your goal, brainstorm a range of ideas for reaching the goal, and then qualify each one. In the end, you will have identified at least one viable project idea that will ultimately lead to achieving the desired goal.