Divorce Party Project Ideas

Divorce is not always a reason to be unhappy. In some cases, at least one party is relieved to be moving on. When that is the case, a divorce party can be a wonderful way to celebrate the event and help launch the newly divorced individual into his or her new life. If you are responsible for coming up with project ideas for the direction and ultimate success of the party, you should consider some things.

Since the divorce party has a guest of honor, it is always a good idea to start with what he or she really likes to do. This can help you establish the best venue for the party. For example, if the newly divorced person loves to eat out but did very little of that during the marriage, you can arrange to hold the party in a banquet room of a local restaurant. If your guest of honor is more of the stay at home type, then set up the party in the home of a close friend.

Next, address the list of attendees for the event. Since this is a celebration, it is probably a good idea avoid inviting anyone who is likely to consider a divorce party a display of bad taste. Make sure to include everyone who was supportive during the divorce, with a special emphasis on people who plan to remain in the guest of honor's life moving forward. This will create a cohesive attitude among the group of people who are much more likely to get into the swing of the whole idea.

As one final important aspect of your divorce party project idea, try to plan activities that are likely to focus on moving forward. While there is likely to be some references to the former spouse come up now and then, make sure the party is focused on what is to come, not what has been. Provide the invited guests with ideas for gifts that the newly divorced individual can use in the future. This helps to pull the focus off any material goods that were lost in the divorce and provide resources for building that new life with greater ease.

As with any type of project idea, planning a divorce party requires some legwork. Keep the preferences of the guest of honor in mind and choose the attendees with great care. At the same time, do everything you can to make the event light-hearted and focused on the future rather than the past. With luck, the divorce party serves as the ideal way to put the past to rest and jump into a bright new future.