Book Promotion Project Ideas Anyone Can Use

One of the great things about the Internet is it has provided many writers with the opportunity to publish their manuscripts without going to a traditional publisher. While this means the book is available for sale in a very short period, the process also places the burden of generating publicity and sales on the author. For writers who have books printed and ready to sell, try these project ideas to drum up some business.

Since you chose to self-publish, there is a good chance you had a niche market in mind. This is particularly true if the subject matter of your book has to do with a local or regional event or culture. When this is the case, make the rounds to the independent bookstores in your area. They are often interested in partnering with you for a book reading and signing, since this will help drive traffic into the store.

There is a good chance that your local booksellers also maintain a mailing list of some kind. The good news for you is that the bookseller will alert everyone on the mailing list about the reading and that the author will be on hand to autograph copies. You can work with the bookseller to come up with a description or plot synopsis that will appeal to people living in the local area. This information is included in the mailing and is very likely to draw people who like to support local literary efforts.

Along with the local independent bookstore, your promotional book projects can also include setting up an exhibit at local events. These include craft fairs, conventions, and possibly even some local Chamber of Commerce mixers. If the title and subject matter of your book strike a chord with local citizens, there is a good chance you will generate enough sales to cover the cost of registering as an exhibitor. As a bonus, you may also get some great ideas for another book.

Along with bookstores and exhibit opportunities, don't overlook the potential of selling copies on a consignment basis. Many cities and towns now have neighborhoods where older homes have been converted into quaint little shops. If your book has local appeal, you may be able to work out a consignment deal with the shop owner.

Make sure the purchase price covers your costs and allows both you and the shop owner to make a small profit from the venture. If the rapport is positive between you and the shop owner, you may even find your book featured in a display near the front of the shop.

While none of these book publicity project ideas is likely to make your book hit the bestseller lists, they can result in establishing outlets where you can make a profit from your work. Check out the potential for these ideas in your local area. You may be surprised at just how much you can accomplish in a short period.